A comparison between mitt romneys proposed healthcare policy and the obama care

Wants to publish a yearly federal balance sheet to help people understand the impact of entitlement spending on the budget and economy. Responses split 41 percent and 41 percent between favoring and not favoring. Was silent on a proposal to extend health care benefits provided by the state government to same-sex couples.

I feel for Romney. If a man is struck down by a heart attack in the street, Americans will care for him whether or not he has insurance. Rhode Islandunder such a waiver, is saving billions on Medicaid, while maintaining its safety net for the state's poor. Thank you for subscribing. And even though the final bill and its implementation aren't exactly the way I wanted, the plan is a good model.

After his term as governor ended, he cited the state health reform law as a point of pridebut has since distanced himself from it because it is often considered a prototype for the federal Affordable Care Act, an assertion he rejects. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office CBO has estimated that such a policy would lead to fewer consumer protections across all states, higher premiums for enrollees in poor health, and lower premiums for people in better health.

Wants to issue "Consumer Reports"-type ratings of insurance plans. His justification for the individual mandate also lends itself naturally toward federal imposition of a mandate.

But let's make certain that conservative principles are front and center. President, if, in fact, you did look at what we did in Massachusetts, why didn't you give me a call and ask what worked and what didn't?

Children and adolescents up to age 18 "whose financial eligibility as determined by the division exceeds per cent but is not more than per cent of the federal poverty level" will be eligible for Medicaid.

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Mitt Romney On Health Care