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I might be interested in seeing her do Dr. We hired [casting director] Georgianne Walken and her partner, Sheila Jaffe. As Chase told me for my bookthe script called for Tony to simply slap Christopher lightly across the face to make his displeasure known.

MZS: Is violence a drug for Tony? David Chase fought to direct the pilot in part because he was hoping HBO would lose interest and he could expand it into a feature film that would get him out of the TV business foreverand his eye is apparent from the very first shot of the series proper: Tony Soprano, glimpsed through the legs of a sculpture of a woman in Dr.

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Melfi about the current state of the mob, it's not about any of the larger morality, but simply the inconvenience of so many wiseguys turning rat when arrested rather than sticking with the code of silence and doing their time.

MZS: What was your relationship with that therapist like? He was saying that the original intention was to have intimations that Tony died, but he moved away from that to something more philosophical in nature.

As usual with Livia, she'll say whatever will most effectively hurt the other person in the room, regardless of its relation to the truth. Tony may or may not have died, but the guy who played Tony did, and that feels like the end.

The whole show changed — I saw it as a live-action Simpsons, and I was pretty serious about it.

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‘The Sopranos Sessions’ Book Excerpt: Go Inside Making of HBO Show