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And how ye may be doubly widows—wives!

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Finally, Juan is brought into an imperial hall to meet the sultana, Gulbeyaz, a year-old beauty who is the sultan's fourth, last and favourite wife. In the fight that ensues, Juan strikes Alfonso on the nose and makes his escape. For a while all goes well; then he falls sick. The next morning in reaction to how pale Juan looks, Adeline turns pale herself, the Duchess of Fitz-Fulke looks at Juan hard, and Aurora surveys him "with a kind of calm surprise". While she is gazing on his face, his features slowly change into those of her stern father. Aurora remains silent, but Lady Fitz-Fulke appears mischievous after the song. The conquest of Ismail causes the slaughter of 40, Turks, among them women a few of whom are raped and children. Theirs is a loveless marriage. One June evening Julia and Juan happen to be in a bower together.

The Turks resist with valor and before the fortress is captured rivers of blood have been shed. During the night the whole harem is awakened by a loud scream from Dudji.

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It doesn't matter what they do! Juan is still in love with Julia, and after a period of seasickness, a storm sinks the ship.

An analysis of don juan by

The two women have barely enough time to throw the bedclothes in a heap when Don Alfonso enters the room. Human nature and society, Byron seems to say, work against a happy marriage. Europe has slaves, allies, kings, armies still, And Southey lives to sing them very ill.

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