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First, he himself established a government, as history testifies. From now on it is I who will name the government. At the start of their mission, the prophets first confronted the upper class; Hadrat Moses, confronted the Pharaoh.

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Unhappy am I that I still survive. Khomeini continued his denunciation of the Shah's programmes, issuing a manifesto that bore the signatures of eight other senior Iranian Shia religious scholars.

Whoever is killed on this path will be regarded as a martyr, God willing. During this period, he put other clerics to work on writing an Islamic constitution for Iran.

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Only God, the Exalted, is the light; everything else is darkness. The only leader in the Muslim world who combined political and religious authority as a head of state, he took office in He became a religious scholar and in the early s rose to become an 'ayatollah', a term for a leading Shia scholar. Many who protested against his regime were killed, and Khomeini had his doctrines and beliefs taught in public schools. The war waged by [non-Muslim] conquerors, however, aims at promoting lust and animal pleasures. That is the reason the puppet governments they have installed prevent us from industrializing, and instead, establish only assembly plants and industry that is dependent on the outside world. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. He also decreed that the Nowruz celebrations for the Iranian year March 21, be cancelled as a sign of protest against government policies. From there his supporters relayed his tape-recorded messages to an increasingly aroused Iranian populace, and massive demonstrations, strikes, and civil unrest in late forced the departure of the shah from Iran on January 16, Pray as much as you like; it is your oil they are after— why should they worry about your prayers? Interfaith[ edit ] Addressed to religious leaders of Christianity: To please the Lord and carry out the decrees of the Holy Christ, let the bells in your churches peal out in favor of the oppressed Iranians, and in condemnation of the oppressors. That which admits man to God's Threshold is his separation from all that is not of God—a thing which is not attainable by all. Every single line I recited from any poet, he recited the next. In September , after a territorial dispute over the Shatt al-Arab waterway, Iraq launched a surprise invasion of Iran. The essence of praise accrues to none but God; your praise of a rose or an apple is [in essence] praise of God.

Just like before, I limit my activities only to guiding and directing the people. Problems with the text are manifold.

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But still, some say, it is quite unobjectionable for someone to drink alcohol after all, they do it in the West ; so let alcohol be bought and sold freely. But what is the connection between going to the moon and the laws of Islam? On March 30, , and March 31, , the provisional government asked all Iranians sixteen years of age and older, male and female, to vote in a referendum on the question of accepting an Islamic Republic as the new form of government and constitution. Our inventors can invent in a high level, Our innovators can innovate in a high level, only if they keep self confidence and believe that we can. Although during this scholarly phase of his life Imam Khomeini was not politically active, the nature of his studies, teachings, and writings revealed that he firmly believed from the beginning in political activism by clerics. Neither side achieved their aim of toppling the other's regime. After delivering another inflammatory speech in the fall of , Khomeini was arrested and deported to Turkey. Let them go all the way to Mars or beyond the Milky Way; they will still be deprived of true happiness, moral virtue, and spiritual advancement and be unable to solve their own social problems. The war waged by [non-Muslim] conquerors, however, aims at promoting lust and animal pleasures. His first name, Ruhollah the Spirit of God , is a common name in spite of its religious meaning, and his last name is taken from his birthplace, the town of Khomein, which is about miles south of Tehran, Iran's capital city. The Shah continued to cultivate close ties with the United States, and to be what Khomeini considered "soft" on Israel.

But what is the connection between going to the moon and the laws of Islam?

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