Cell phone usage in restaurants

Discipline According to the human resources reference website Wyck Wyre, companies should lay out specific disciplinary procedures for infractions involving the unauthorized use of cell phones.

Cell phone etiquette in restaurants

Still, I may have at least a dozen games going on at once and again, to what end? Or, better yet, let me leave it in my pocket on vibrate, with strict orders from the sitter to only ping me if someone is bleeding profusely or has a fever that tops Is that off-limits, too? Just as patrons of restaurants are often asked to refrain from cell phone use, so, too, are establishment employees. And what about customers who dine solo, and might want to enjoy a book while eating? For this reason, many restaurants will ban outright the use of cell phones by cooking staff when working. An exception may be made for employees who are not currently in the kitchen, such as those catering or purchasing supplies in another location and who must communicate with the restaurant. This includes both time on duty and time on break. He has worked as a reporter for a community newspaper in New York City and a federal policy newsletter in Washington, D. It hardly ruined our dinner; I barely noticed the second breaks she took to reply. Restrictions Employers will restrict use of cell phones for two main reasons: interference with work and safety. Much of my job involves jumping on news items, so I check Twitter a lot. Managers of restaurants will take different approaches depending on their management style and the restaurant itself.

Just turn your pinging and buzzing notifications off, please. Recently, I went out to dinner with a friend who just had a new baby.

cell phone policy in food industry

Wolfe holds a B. Restrictions Employers will restrict use of cell phones for two main reasons: interference with work and safety. There, I said it; I finally said it. Those managing higher-end restaurants may make cell phone use a firing offense, while managers of fast-food franchises may mete out less-severe punishment.

cell phones in commercial kitchens

But there are legitimate reasons to keep your phone visible, even during a meal. But worst of all: I am addicted to Words With Friends.

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Cell Phone Policy for Restaurant Employees