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Is there a way to reduce or manage rampant fluctuation? Build relationships Building and maintaining good relationships is essential for doing business in Thailand.

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Thai people tend to give each other a reasonable amount of personal space, and touching is not common, except between close friends of the same sex or between family members.

Used by multinationals with a key stake in Thailand, this online course will help you enter the country with your best foot forward.

Negotiators possessing high BATNA are able to possess greater power and get better outcomes in their negotiations.

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Sensitive or difficult conversations are expected to be initiated from those of higher authority or status, and direct refusals are often avoided. Other Considerations Pitfalls Loss of face is considered as the biggest disgrace in the Thai culture, therefore it is better to avoid confrontations and look for comprise in difficult situations rather than doing something which could offend the Thai counterpart Kwint Essential Thailand, Understand business etiquette Do prepare some business cards, as they are important and widely used. By prison, we are not just talking about a few weeks punishment, sentences can in fact last 3 — 15 years per count of offence. It is therefore best to avoid all public displays of emotion. Contact Us. In terms of listening in a business setting, Thais are often docile listeners and will rarely interrupt a speaker. Furthermore, Buddhist monks should be treated with great respect, as Thai people hold them in such high regard that there are laws protecting them. Understand where to expect challenges: culture and language, laws and regulations, intellectual property rights, trade barriers, personnel and bureaucracy. Advice from elders is expected to be followed without question, although this is becoming less true with time and modernisation.

A Lao-speaking majority, as well as a primarily agricultural society, characterize this culturally distinct region. Family in particular plays an important role in Thai society.

Cultural barriers in thailand

With this decision making process subordinates submit their will to their superiors. During the s and s, however, Thailand saw a resurgence in local culture and traditions. Negotiation conducted in Asian countries places more emphasis on relationship outcomes rather than substantive outcome. When Thai people meet someone for the first time, they may ask several personal questions to establish where they fit within the hierarchy. The online course plays an invaluable role in helping individuals navigate important business processes with insight, understanding and know how. In fact, Thais are so famous for smiling that the country is often referred to as the Land of Smiles. During a meeting, you should address the most senior person with whom you have a relationship. This is less likely to be a problem if we understand their background and culture. Most Thai businesses will likely offer a handshake, but it will always be appreciated if you try to wai as well — just respond if it is offered.

Thai people give importance to the status and ranks and for that sake list of people attending the meeting with their credentials should be shared Sharing of meeting agenda and information about the company, however the written material should be available in English as well as Thai language.

Family and community concerns will almost always be put above business or individual needs.

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If you try to buy imported western goods, then these will come with a premium on them, but if you are happy to eat, drink and live as the Thai people do, then you can easily get by on a very modest budget. This makes the job a lot more attractive — something that will help set you apart from larger companies who might offer bigger benefit packages.

Recent laws and legislation have allowed women more freedom to move out of traditional roles and into professions such as politics, medicine, and business. You will notice that close ties between extended families and communities can have a major influence on individual behaviour in Thailand and often there are multiple generations living under one roof.

Nothing feels more like a dead-end job than repetitively doing the same tasks over and over with little improvement to your own skills after an initial learning phase.

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