Debut albums

The pair believed in a Time For Heroes and tapped into the dreams of the romantic poets and the low-rent appeal of punk, coupled with some peerless songwriting. Talking Heads: 77 — Talking Heads Amazon 'Black Sabbath' Black Sabbath The family tree of modern heavy metal music was planted right here.

top selling debut albums

Morrison's sultry croon blended with exotic guitar and organ lines to hypnotic effect on groundbreaking classics such as 'Light My Fire' from their freshman effort.

However, many of the debuts here — such as those by PJ Harvey, Spiritualized, Roxy Music and The Byrds — act as formidable indicators of what their creators would subsequently build and improve upon for the next few years. Fresh Cream — Cream American rock made by the REAL outsiders — the nerds and the geeks, given a voice via the medium of power chords and singalong choruses.

Picture: Press Massive Attack - Blue Lines While dance music was veering off into rave territory, Bristol had a new direction to take: trip hop.

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Best Debut Albums of All Time