Ejagham writing a business

You can work from anywhere as long as there is Wi-Fi. The funeral rite somehow begins here, but it will be treated in detail under a separate heading funeral rites. It is ironic that years after that unfortunate event Ejagham nation will again come under threat.

As the sickness prolongs, close relations stay close to take care Mbiti puts it thus in his study of the Ndebele which is akin to some degree that of the Ejagham people.

Macgregor noted the growing European influence on nsibidi. In the latter case, include the sender's address in letterhead, rather than left-justified. Example is basalt monoliths of the Nnam and neighbouring Ejagham groups.

They are usually sent by the elders to enforce laws. He is also expected to give gifts depending on his ability. Showcase the particularly good pieces. Flexibility Most writers put having a flexible schedule at the top of their list of reasons to consider freelance writing.


EjT regards its role of providing a dedicated platform to harness, promote and update Ejagham Traditional Practices ETP as a necessity. Probably it is the mystery of human existence that leads to this belief or desire to continue living.

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Ejagham Writing A Letter