Ethical analysis of abortion

Arguably not. There is no morally relevant distinction between actions and omissions The Moral Symmetry Principle, a. Objections to Warren If killing fetuses is permissible because they are not full-fledged members of the moral community, then, by the same standard, killing newborns would be permissible as well.

If the life of the woman is threatened by the pregnancy, this overtrumps the perspective of the appearing, or even feeling foetus, as the foetus is not a person, but only a person in potential being.

Such a development is ethically problematic for the following reasons: abortions of embryos-foetuses that would have given rise to persons with lives that are not considerably worse than normal according to a phenomenological analysis, stigmatizing effects for the persons who live with DS, and a less tolerant view in general on abnormalities in our society.

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That is to say, we want to know about the morality of uncoerced, human abortion—so for our purposes abortions are voluntary, deliberate removal of a human fetus. Heidegger, in his essays on technology, mainly talked about forests, rivers and nuclear technology subjecting us to the Gestell, but the true extension of his analysis is the recent developments of gene technology, in which humankind itself is becoming the manipulated, not only the manipulator Svenaeus All persons have a right to life, and violinists are persons.

Lanham: Lexington Books; Handbook of phenomenology and medicine. The body is my place in the world—the place where I am which moves with me—which is also the zero-place that makes space and the place of things that I encounter in the world possible Gallagher In a typical case of unwanted pregnancy, the pregnant woman A Engaged in an activity sexual intercourse that is known to cause pregnancy, and in fact is the usual way in which people get pregnant.

D The woman voluntarily chose to have sex. The being-at-home or not-being-at-home of a person in a mood is interpreted as a being-in-the-world, which is also a being-as-a-body and a being-in-time Heidegger

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The Ethics of Abortion