Gospel of wealth by andrew carnegie

You can listen to Carnegie read it below. Neither master nor servant was as well situated then as to day. But, public sentiment is a mediator of good taste.

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Of such as these, the public verdict will then be: the man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced. Such in my opinion is the true gospel concerning wealth, obedience to which is destined someday to solve the problems of the rich and the poor, to hasten the coming brotherhood of man, and at last to make our earth a heaven.

The conditions of human life have not only been changed, but revolutionized, within the past few hundred years. We might as well urge the destruction of the highest existing type of man because he failed to reach our ideal as favor the destruction of Individualism, Private Property, the Law of Accumulation of Wealth, and the Law of Competition; for these are the highest results of human experience, the soil in which society so far has produced the best fruit.

It is desirable that nations should go much further in this direction. The final section is a series of anecdotes that seem like they could have come from business school homilies.

And, not waiting for others to do so once they die.

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Click here to read the full text of the article. As a result, the gift would not be simply consumed, but would be productive of even greater wealth throughout the house. It is criminal to waste our energies in endeavoring to uproot, when all we can profitably or possibly accomplish is to bend the universal tree of humanity a little in the direction most favorable to the production of good fruit under existing circumstances. Under the law of competition, the employer of thousands is forced into the strictest economies, among which the rates paid to labor figure prominently, and often there is friction between the employer and the employed, between capital and labor, between rich and poor. He only gratified his own feelings, saved him- self from annoyance -- and this was probably one of the most selfish and very worst actions of his life, for in all respects he is most worthy. Individualism will continue. Carnegie Mellon University was one of them. No other system can promote the growth of business this much. This day already dawns. They have it in their power during their lives to busy themselves in organizing benefactions from which the masses of their fellows will derive lasting advantage, and thus dignify their own lives. The rich funds were promoted for the influential supporters. When these apprentices rose to be masters, there was little or no change in their mode of life, and they, in turn, educated in the same routine succeeding apprentices.
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Carnegie Speaks: A Recording of the Gospel of Wealth