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Wherever they were, she was on the other side, and the hunger on her face was fucking disturbing. My boys had done well. That was how I knew Braxton loved me more than anything—he could literally fight instinct for me.

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Once the introductions were over, it was time to enter the prison. She was living in the Faerie lands, ruling them like the badass dragon she was.

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Flipping over, I pressed both hands to the thick muscles of his chest. The site states that it seeks to work with states' Departments of Corrections to ensure that the First Amendment rights of inmates are protected. The second I held the chubby little guy, everything inside me calmed. Are you kidding me? She looked happy and windswept. A few more vampire closed in on me. I escaped into our bathroom to clean myself up and pull on some clothes. Braxton and I made love plenty; this morning I was all for the more brutal side of his personality. Only a fucking moron would take on the Compasses.

This was out of control, what sort of pheromones did dragons have? I paused just as I was about to step out, my eyes going across to the bed. Her tail was a khaki-green, and her hair, which was almost the full length of her body as it trailed out around her, was a few shades lighter in color than her tail.

His arms wrapped around me as I leapt at him, and my legs closed around his waist as our bodies slammed together.

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Mischa, my twin, was mated to Maximus, who was the vampire part of the Compass quads. As we travelled downstairs, the sound of laughter hit me. I hooked my arms around his neck, and he lowered his body to mine. She looked happy and windswept. He was likely to get very pissed if anyone touched his offering. That bothered me the most. She stared at me. I might have to do all the hours and hours and hours of feeding—my kids were hungry little supes, let me tell you—but Braxton was there for everything else. Our babies had stolen our hearts. He rocked against me a few more times, drawing out the pleasure for as long as possible. His fingers brushed across my center, and when he assured himself of my readiness, he sheathed his length inside in one smooth movement. It had to stop. Mischa was the only one to still eat like she was human or something. Really regretting that choice. She was always there.
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The Cockier The Dragon, The Harder They Fall