How to write a game design document

Remember Who The Document Is For One of the first mistakes often made is writing a design document as if it will be read by gamers and potential customers.

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All of a sudden, the concept gets way too complicated to try and keep in your head. Call of Duty is about surviving war scenarios in story campaigns and competitive multiplayer. Who Should You Write to? Yet as distributed teams and multi-studio development are becoming increasingly common, the need for centralized game documentation is not going away. Rule 3: Make it visual Some concepts may be difficult to put into words. Concept art, for example, plays a vital role in the game design document. This can be a pretty fun process but avoid getting carried away. As such, a game design document is often referred to as a living document , that is, a piece of work which is continuously improved upon throughout the implementation of the project, sometimes as often as daily. If you need to revert back to something, you have the text trail to see where things went wrong and what you can do to restore an earlier idea. If you find too many ideas creeping into your game, you can go back to the game design document and refocus.

Absolutely not. For example, developers may choose to keep the document as a word processed documentor as an online collaboration tool.

Your team sounds like it can get away without a game design document. The game design document includes way more than just the setting. Classic 2D platforming with shooting, wall-jumping, and more — all combined with innovative gameplay twists like shooting your laser downward for a handy aerial boost with each jump!

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The plot, the characters, the core concepts, the game mechanicsetc. Let it sit for a day. Your northern star. Make A List Of Features Once a solid core is written down, you can then start organizing all the features that will make your game stand out and be worth playing.

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Well, only if you want to finish your game…. These are the things you can add as you work them out. After all, everyone can imagine their own dragon breathing fire on enemies.

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How to Create a Game Design Document