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Mail Writing about travel is a popular and often lucrative, way to express yourself and sharpen your skills as a writer. A skilled writer weaves in crucial points early in the story: where, when, who, why, how, and what.

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Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! The design and layout have to be simple. You can even narrow your split testing further by appealing to families with young children, teens, and college-aged students traveling with their parents. As you sit, sipping a steaming latte, you scribble in your notebook about your world travels. Travel well, write well, be different. Illustrate it The act of drawing a building, termite mound or person will help to etch them in your memory. It will lend an extra dimension of authenticity to the piece. March 29, 0 Are you finding that some of your blog articles get more engagement than others? What do you want to include? You want the reader to feel like he or she is walking on that beach, gazing out at that magnificent sunset. Paint an evocation of where you are so we can experience it along with you. Learn more about us,. In some travel magazines and newspaper travel sections editors like articles to have something called an angle—a perspective—and normally it should be as fresh and unique as possible. Keep your sentences relatively short and free of extraneous words and phrases. After you know what is expected, you can bend the rules, expanding or contracting length for anecdotes, digressing with a personal association, or experimenting with style.

From there, you can gauge how well your audience engages with your content, and develop a writing style gets the best response. Knowing the basic structure of a travel article is important. For example; the pudding eating championships!

As you travel, we hope you will keep these few words of advice in mind. You can always jot down the finer points on paper when you stop or reach your destination. Focus on telling the reader something about the place, about an experience that they might have too if they were to repeat the trip.

Use it as a scrapbook, too Stick in tickets, bottle labels, snippets from local newspapers, receipts, etc — use the pocket in the back of the journal to hold them, or stick them in next to the day they refer to.

It can become tedious! Ask yourself Again, you can segment these types of articles for families, individuals, college kids on spring break… you name it.

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If you have travel stories to tell, lots of markets are willing to pay for your stories about destinations, tips and your experiences on the road. Blogs no longer hold the appeal they once did and the days of the single travel blog pulling in a tonne of eyeballs have plummeted with the success of Facebook and Twitter.

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To get you started, we compiled 34 paying travel markets.

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