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If a man came I can treat.

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More participatory approaches to the development of future training materials can help organisers improve the quality of the teaching resources in terms of the structure of manuals, use of language and appropriate selection of photographs.

The training also includes a field trip to an actual primary site to practice the competencies. I knew this was trauma but I didn't know it involves the eye, now I know to look at the eye.

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It is also advisable to review other materials and treatment protocols currently available in Tanzania, to avoid replication and ensure more standardized approach to disease management.

Comm Eye Health.

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This model is bestemployed in the urban areas of a country, where there are sufficienteye care professionals, but many of the poor cannot afford eye carefrom their small household budgets due to the high cost of services. Gaps between knowing and doing: Understanding and assessing the barriers to optimal health care.

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Perspectives on primary eye care. But from the training I get knowledge. Because theory you can forget sometimes but practical you can never forget. BMC Nurs. After this, they were able to know problems, blindness, when to refer, when not to refer. Comm Eye Health J. It was good, I enjoyed. Skills of general health workers in primary eye care in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. You can read more about it here. The approach being developed by ICARE, along with its partners, to reduce blindness is that of comprehensive eye care with due emphasis on preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects. Discussion This qualitative study found that the PHWs and health care managers in Morogoro considered the PEC training to have been broadly successful. No lesson plans, checklists etc are included.
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IAPB Webinar: Primary Eye Care Training Manual