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The Google Trekker is a wearable backpack, mounted with a spherical device containing over a dozen cameras that gather images as it goes.

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Working with in-house historians and shoe experts we created a simple yet effective shoe-box based 'village' that took the public on an experiential journey through the history of the Desert Boot; from the initial ideas inside the mind of Nathan Clark in through Jamaican Rude Boys to the London Mods.

Getting through the clutter is difficult.

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Kurtz, Daivd L. Capacity was reached overnight welcoming hundreds of influencers and target consumers. For example, picture a Cherios commercial that shows a baby and a grandma telling a story by playing with the Cherios, using them as props. Even with them all in place, there is still no guarantee of success. Just as importantly, they publicise the contribution which promotional marketing makes in helping a broad spectrum of companies achieve their marketing objectives. Cathy, a Shareholder Manager, uses Presentations for monthly, investor-facing reporting. The Persuaders worked on the logistics of the giant artworks, creating the perfect blank-canvases for the project. The interior was inspired by vintage trains from a bygone era all with a Benefit twist. The Persuaders have been working with Benefit Cosmetics for close to 4 years now so to say we have an understanding of the brand DNA is an understatement.

The annual APMC promotional marketing Awards have, over the last twenty-two years, helped to raise standards in sales promotion and promotional marketing. The project included a fashion show launch event as well as producing the first European shop opening at the Bull Ring in Birmingham.

If you say - "I'll phone you back in ten minutes" then phone them back in nine minutes. The messages of the future will be tailored for and aimed at the individual more than the masses. The Hello Happy House was the place to go to giggle, relax and generally take an hour out of your day for you.

The festival site also includes a stage playing clips from the shows, a recreation of the Title Sequence, a 'Vegas Wedding Chapel' for fans to recreate the infamous Ross and Rachel wedding scene and a Silent Disco where you can learn the hysterical New Years Eve routine.

Launching in London this June, the Hello Happy House, design and produced by The Persuaders, was created to take guests on a journey through the differing states of happiness. The Jingle Brow Express was located at Kings Cross train station for 2 days in December to encourage those on their way home for the holidays to pop in and have a last minute brow service and as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas madness.

Clinique iD launch pop-up Client Estee Lauder Brief Create an innovative and exciting out of home experience to launch the new combination moisturiser from Clinique called Clinique iD. This is true for consumer advertising and political advertising alike. The strong guests, made up of Press and Influencers all went live with their social media at the same time, causing BADGalBang to hit the no.

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"The Persuaders": a Reflection as a Marketing Major Essay