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I personally feel that positioning a product or service would be a strong spin off from consumer behavior and without understanding the hopes and aspirations of the masses a product is bound to not have the stickiness factor. For every Apple there are many products that fail due to bad marketing strategies. But, as my co-authors and I discuss this month in HBR , this flexibility is essential to emerging-market innovation and product strategy. The company also introduced easy access for financing the buying of new cars, new access points, training for sales teams and an aggressive advertising campaign. I think that is unfortunate. I would not. They tried to change the branding of the car from Cheap car to smart car, well I will say its great move. Global Competition: Tata Group wanted to increase the competition in car industry by building a car which will be small in size and the price will be within the rage of middle class people around the world. But at the time of release things got the complete opposite. Deepika worked with her colleague Sriram Rajann at the Indian Business School, Hyderabad to unearth fascinating Nano facts to develop the case.

Tata Nano: an inspiration from an Indian conglomerate. Tata got another stroke. Safety: After this bad image of cheap car.

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In such a case the positioning was totally wrong. A biker passing by drew their attention towards the rear part of the car. On the one hand, the early hype predictably fueled early demand. TATA Nano was a classic case of a product manager who chooses not to respect the aspirations of his prospective consumers.

This creates a complete buzz in media. So what could have been done to position the car better?

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Farsightedness: Tata Motors forecasted that to be competitive in India, they need to be competitive in world. You have to devise a way to produce it reliably and profitably at the price those people will pay.

And this they felt was a result of the positioning taken by the marketing managers of the brand.

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A dual positioning strategy one for the smaller cities and the other form the urban areas could have worked.

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