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The other two, feet long, were supported by concrete piles.

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Thereafter, Dock Number 2 was carried in the shore development plans as an essential project to be provided at Balboa. Rubble-mound construction, laid on a foot coral mat, was used, the wall itself having a coral-fill core, covered with heavy rock and armored with pre-cast concrete blocks.

For fueling and ship repairs, the Navy was entirely dependent on the industrial plant owned and operated by the Panama Canal.

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In January , the Public Works Department was organized, officers and men of the 30th Battalion being assigned to the various maintenance and operating divisions. The channel was deep enough for even large boats to go in and out. A repair ship and five destroyers arrived in August Lucia, but must have been followed there by the Nazi submarine. Construction was completed on 15 Nov. The installation of this pipe line was accomplished under a fixed-fee contract, awarded specifically for this purpose, on August 4, It passed right through the place where the rickety old bridge once crossed the muddy stream. These consisted primarily of completing the ship-repair facilities and the installation of machinery in otherwise completed structures at various locations. The program was climaxed finally in December by a major increase in liquid-fuel storage and the paving of the east-west runway at Bourne Field. When they left, the island was over-taken by animals such as birds and bats. The only marina on the island can only be found at Rodney Bay. Meanwhile, the ammunition depots at Coco Solo and Balboa were enlarged, as were the facilities at the Coco Solo submarine base and air station and the Balboa operating base. Housing for service personnel, when completed, provided for enlisted men in three barracks, one barrack for 40 officers, and 24 housing units for married non-commissioned and commissioned officers. The main east-west runway at Bourne Field was extended to a length of 4, feet, and a foot extension was added to the steel hangar, together with additional quarters, an administration building, additional gasoline storage, a cold-storage building and commissary, extensions to roads and services, and a new bed dispensary and hospital.

Because of St. Furthermore, over five thousand American military men were stationed on the southern base also.

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The damaged part was not rebuilt, and no more fill was placed. Mountains in the background upper right are in Venezuela. Various anti-aircraft AA guns were also emplaced near the ports and airfields.

The San Juan public works department performed station maintenance and operation functions as well as extensive new construction of projects not included in the contract. Other construction accomplished at the station included a barrack and mess hall for 1, men, a new wing to an existing barracks to care for men, a bombproof command center, an operations building, a large administration building to house the administrative offices of both the air station and the adjoining submarine base, and several large warehouses.

A fill of dredged material was to be placed behind the quay, but after filling had progressed behind the first completed section, a serious slide damaged that portion of the quay.

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The new road, the causeway and the marina were no the only changes that had been made. The initial construction effort, therefore, was concentrated on closing the 3,foot gap in the Margarita breakwater. Lucian Real Estate : Some 19th century British and French army barracks have been converted into schools in what are now some of the most attractive residential areas. Construction included quarters for enlisted men and 42 officers, an administration building, storage buildings, torpedo overhaul shop, and a bombproof powerhouse in which were installed four kva diesel-driven generators. The buildings were one-story frame structures, equipped with cable lashings over the roof and anchored to the ground on either end as a safety measure against hurricanes. All supervising personnel, and the majority of the skilled trades labor used in construction in Trinidad were hired in the States and brought to the station under contract. Retrieved 24 October Some of the men, however, were stationed within the Zone, to operate power houses and perform specialized maintenance work. Over the years, Gros Islet has been developed tremendously, with numerous hotels and villas. Of this total, more than 2,, yards were placed in swamps to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas. At the seaplane base, facilities installed included a concrete parking area of approximately , square feet, two seaplane ramps, each feet wide, and a large, steel hangar. The public works officer was given the additional title of officer in charge of new construction, under which he was vested with authority to hire both persons from the States and Puerto Ricans, giving them a modified civil-service status. Buildings to house the district headquarters were begun in September , on a tract of land bordering San Antonio Channel, directly opposite the air station. The buildings were of semi-permanent character, with concrete foundations, tile ground floors, wooden superstructure, and asbestos shingle or tile roofs. Thomas, and Culebra.
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Military of Saint Lucia