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It is obvious that both companies have great marketing strategies, but in my opinion Powerade has the lead in that way, because year by year they are getting more sales and users from Gatorade.

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Surveys are well suited for collecting descriptive research, which was our main goal. The most obvious distribution channel to discuss is retail venues like supermarkets. It decided to enter more strongly in the sport market, then it launched a series of products to improve in the sport, like energy bars, more energetic drink, even a gel, that Olympic sportsmen use.

Though careful construction of the survey we believe we achieved a high level of validity.

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Surveys are well- suited for collecting descriptive research, which was our main goal. Water consumers are not brand loyal, typically choosing the brand with the lowest price. Note that these people do not necessarily play sports regularly. The rebate promotion is set to start in January and run through mid-February. At this time a decision should be made whether further contracts with health clubs are advisable. Because sales are lower during the winter season when compared to the summer season, POWERade should look into offering sales promotions such as coupons or rebates for mulit-packs bought during the slow seasons. It also has a long history, being the first sports drink on the market when it was introduced in Option contains about a fifth of the calories as its heftier counterpart, while still containing many of the same important nutrients. For example, if it is found that sports drinks are significantly perceived as a substitute for water, a more aggressive approach could be taken to the water-drinking market segment. The action plan can be best viewed as a timeline, which has been included as Appendix E. Due to its focus on serious athletes, POWERade advertising has focused on the ingredients and benefits of its sports drink, touting itself as superior to rival Gatorade. And powerade is embarking the boat of enhanced beverages. The details of this evaluation will be explained in the Monitoring and Controls section. This confusion is unlikely due to the different tones of the advertising campaigns: While POWERade already has good market exposure and will focus on marketing its great taste, POWERade Zero will be billed as a great solution for those trying to lose weight or those interested in lifetime health.

Zero has poorly developed coverage. South America: In Brazil, we can see that price of Powerade is quite bigger than in the USA, even with a lower GDP, in this case, the main reason could be that, Powerade demand is not so big, in order to decrease the price, or another reason, could be that, Gatorade has a greater Market Share.

Various bottled water brands pose competition to powerade Option. Strategy: Reach more customers by broadening its demographics from athletes to any active consumer. These bottles have different distributions, with the ounce bottle enjoying considerably greater popularity than the ounce and ounce ones.

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Powerade Marketing Plan