Retail marketing research paper

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The retailer must decide questions relating to price range, fashion and selection. A common assumption is that retailing involves only the sale of products in stores.

Retail marketing research paper

Therefore, a retailer is a dealer or trader who sells goods in small quantities. Zara is used as a real life example to demonstrate highly context-specific applicability of these theories. Thus higher spending customers can be attracted to buying luxury items.

The successful implementation of the components of the traditional marketing mix product, place, price and promotion is essential for success in retail marketing 4 P's. There is get a work pressure and increased commuting time.

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Data mining of customer behaviour variables, demographic factors and transaction data were used by Chen et al to develop predictive tools for customer behaviour changes. Excerpt ABSTRACT This paper aimed at reviewing some retail marketing theories and evaluating its applicability in increasingly narrowing contexts of fashion and fast fashion sectors.

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