Save yourself

You can keep alerts on for texts and turn them off for Amazon deals, for example.

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The good news is that the latest versions of Android and iOS make this easier than ever. Culturally, albums now feel like Save yourself means to prove you are a "real" artist. Apple and Google know you don't necessarily want to be interrupted every five minutes.

S dates. A dark optimism, for one that seems ever far reaching. Those of you on iOS should head to Settings, then choose Notifications. Every ping your phone emits is another distraction, one that can take several minutes to recover from. Instead of an open-ended collaboration where studio jam sessions would lead to songs, I approached collaborators who I felt would be most suited to the overall ideas I had already collated.

That means the notification appears at the top of the screen as normal, but it won't make a sound or vibrate your phone, no matter what the current volume settings.

Whether that be racism, xenophobia, the environment or irresponsible greedy politicians. To me it feels similar to my first album - a small group of vocalists, productions that are fairly stripped down and a project filled with emotion.

You were probably too busy dealing with notifications to seriously look into it.

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3 Ways to Save Yourself