Short summary analysis gilbert s short story yellow wallpa

During the last week of their stay, the narrator fakes improved health and spirits when her husband is around but has become completely obsessed with the wallpaper. The wallpaper is torn, the floor scratched and gouged. There were many social and cultural changes during this period.

What does it mean to write about a woman caught within these circles of male authority and cultural reification of that authoritytrapped within a sickening room and made, in effect, to lose her mind because of the disgust she feels for not only her culture and the roles it mandates for women, but for herself as a sexual, procreative woman?

Society had essentially designated them the role of being a housekeeper and bearing children.

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Perhaps because of the wallpaper. In the story Gilman addresses such themes as madness, depression, despair, and self-worth by presenting a realistic and shocking account of the stages of mental breakdown. If she had showed it, she might have been thought insane and institutionalized, a process which would probably have led only to deeper insanity.

The characters she uses help the reader really get drawn into her story; keeping them intrigued.

The yellow wallpaper explained

More alarmingly, the figure she sees in the wallpaper has begun to take shape— that of a woman stooping down and creeping behind the pattern. If the narrator were allowed neither to write in her journal nor to read, she would begin to "read" the wallpaper until she found the escape she was looking for. As a parallel to the rest and diet, most patients were forbidden to use their minds in any way. Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. Lanser, a professor at Brandeis University, praises contemporary feminism and its role in changing the study and the interpretation of literature. When the story opens, she acknowledges that the idea of their rented summer house as a Gothic setting is laughable, a romantic fancy of the kind her husband wishes to repress. Karpinski, G. By , such organizations claimed a total of , members. Gilbert and Gubar argue that the literary woman frequently finds herself starring with horror at a fearful image of herself that has been mysteriously inscribed on the surface of the glass, and she tries to guess the truth that cannot be uttered by the wounded or bleeding mouth […], and secretly seeks to unify herself by coming to terms with her fragmentation Dickinson was by most accounts a submissive, self-abnegating, rather neurasthenic woman—in short, the nineteenth-century ideal—it is tempting to read the wallpaper incident as a desperate gesture of autonomy and self-assertion. Writing years later about the short story, Gilman described how it was written to celebrate her narrow escape from utter mental ruin. The yellow smell symbolizes a conscious reminder of the battle the main heroine faces with the pressure of conformity and her husband. Dickinson abruptly demanded new wallpaper for her bedroom. And just as an infant would spend hours staring at walls and ceilings, kept in one place at the mercy of whatever authority was responsible for its care, so too does the protagonist. She also mines Charlotte's diaries for notes on her reading and shows how specific poetry, fiction, and popular science shaped her consciousness and understanding of sex and gender, health and illness, emotion and intellect.

The wallpaper has replaced the writing paper that he would have taken from her, and she has in some ways won back her right to speech and control. InCharlotte Perkins Gilman placed herself under the care of Dr.

All women were seen by physicians as susceptible to ill health and mental breakdown by reason of their biological weakness and reproductive cycles.

Short summary analysis gilbert s short story yellow wallpa

The Madwomen in the Attic by Susan Gubar and Sandra Gilbert examines the ways nineteenth-century women writers, including Gilman and Charlotte Bronte , expressed forbidden emotions in their works. Despite her efforts, however, she cannot remove it all. Hedges, Elaine R. While she does secretly write in a journal, it is made clear that her husband is to be the final decision-maker and that she has no role other than to be a charming wife and a competent mother. Today: Women have achieved a great deal toward true equality with men. Weir Mitchell in her life. While under the impression that husbands and male doctors were acting with their best interests in mind, women were depicted as mentally weak and fragile.

She constantly notices new facets of the wallpaper: the smell of yellow that creeps through the whole house; a streak along the baseboard encircling the room. At the beginning of the story, the narrator is interested in the surrounding scenery as well as the other rooms in the house.

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