The life and hall of fame career of barry bonds

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In the 15 seasons he played for the Giants, they won just three division titles , , , losing the National League Division Series each time, and Bonds struggled in all three series. That will also be Bonds and co. Along with his record home runs and seven MVP Awards, he set an all-time mark with his 2, walks, and finished with eight Gold Glove Awards. He hit 45 home runs in just at-bats, along with a. They pitched around him all series long, to the ire of their own fans, who had filled the park in expectation. He was far and away the greatest combination threat of power and speed ever. He and Liz separated a couple of times, then divorced in Brock, trying to settle things in , told the team to vote on whether Bonds should stay on the team. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? In his first World Series at-bat he homered leading off the second inning of Game One, and the Giants held on to win A starter as a freshman, he led the team with 11 home runs and 54 RBIs, and dominated the College World Series, though the team finished third. His attempts at humor often fell flat, tending to insult others, and when others played pranks on Bonds, he tended to take it as an insult. Griffey has always been more popular, but Bonds has been a far, far greater player. Anson, as many baseball purists are well aware, was a racist. Bonds's slugging percentage was a major league record.

Bonds says he complied, maintaining that familiar standoffish edge the rest of his playing career. The problem was, when I tried to give in a little bit, it never got better.

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But there was a new owner in San Francisco, and as many new owners do, Peter Magowan wanted to make a splash. It was his first home run off his former Pittsburgh Pirate teammate, who became the st different pitcher to surrender a four-bagger to Bonds.

The life and hall of fame career of barry bonds

He garnered a. He would have needed 69 more runs scored to move past Rickey Henderson as the all-time runs champion, and 37 extra base hits to move past Hank Aaron as the all-time extra base hits champion. As history's only player with at least career home runs and stolen bases, Bonds needed just 16 of the latter to carve out his very own niche. Aaron was frustrated that the media could not focus on events that occurred in the field of play and wished drugs or gambling allegations such as those associated with Pete Rose could be emphasized less. The company's president and Bonds's nutritionist, Victor Conte Jr. By now Bonds was feared, perhaps the most dangerous hitter of all time. Baseball history would be completely different if players such as Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige had been given the opportunity to suit up against Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. A close associate of both men, Bonds was called to testify before the grand jury. Then it rolled off the platform where Andrew Morbitzer, a year-old San Francisco resident, caught the ball while he was in line at a concession stand.

Unfortunately, his success as a player was marred by accusations of steroid use. His attempts at humor often fell flat, tending to insult others, and when others played pranks on Bonds, he tended to take it as an insult. For a player who was almost certainly Hall of Fame level even before he began using steroids, Bonds was clearly being punished by voters.

Bonds had suffered a torn tendon in his bicep as well as bone spurs in his elbow, both of which required surgery and cost him the rest of April and all of May. He entered free agency as the premier player on the market, but found himself not as wanted as he thought he would be.

By now Bonds was feared, perhaps the most dangerous hitter of all time.

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He quickly changed to 25 when there was an outcry. While Bobby was in the minor leagues, Barry lived with his mother in Riverside, where they welcomed a second son, Ricky, a year after Barry, and a few years later a third boy, Bobby Jr. Bonds was a very private person, not letting many people into his inner circle even when he was a child. He hit 40 home runs for the second straight year and drove in runs, leading the league in walks again with Bonds was well rewarded for his performances in the early s. From my standpoint, moralism ought not to enter into it. Well, they're the ones who get to live with the shame of lying to us and getting caught, for the rest of their lives. All-time leader in games played as a left fielder. But in December he appeared before a federal grand jury to answer questions under oath about the relationship he had with BALCO. That affair would become public knowledge in , causing Bonds much trouble both personally and in legal matters. He even had more than walk machine Jason Giambi, and he did it in only 12 seasons.

What makes you cringe? He clarified that he was a fan and admirer of Bonds and avoided the controversy regarding whether the record should be denoted with an asterisk for Bonds's alleged steroid usage. InBonds recorded his lowest slugging percentage a statistic that he has historically ranked among league leaders season after season since with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But on April 18 he was placed on the day disabled list for only the 2nd time in his career up to that point. He regularly had people in the locker room protecting him from reporters trying to approach, and would often blow off prearranged meetings or interviews.

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Examining Barry Bonds' Hall of Fame Chances