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We all felt he shoul d have gone to see a psychiatrist, though someone in fact played an interview he did to R. I'd always bee n told, at school anyway, that I was absolutely bloody hopeless at everything, so I had no real confidence about any of it.

I didn't pick up that he was a drug casualty, although there were lots at the time who would do those exact things because they were drugged out.

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Barrett's sister, Rosemary Breen, supported this, the first-ever series of official events in memory of her brother. It's impossible. He had little contact with others, apart from his regular visits to his management's offices to collect his royalties, [] and the occasional visit from his sister Rosemary. I see him very rarely. They had this improvisation, this spirit of psychedlia which I don't think any other band had. I introduced my wife and I dunno; I think he just laughed. Brown arrived at the show late, and saw that Bruce was already onstage, along with "a guitarist I vaguely recognised", playing the Horace Silver tune " Doodlin' ".

The first, on February 24th, saw the band sharing a bill with proto punks MC5 and the prog-rock combo Skin Alley. He kept standing up and brushing his teeth, putting his toothbrush away and sitting down.

Promoters were always coming up to us and sayi ng, 'I don't know why you boys won't do proper songs'. I've got some songs in the studio, still. That's all really. I thought, 'He looks a bit From Morrison's agency the band played a gig outside London for the first time.

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John Marsh: Syd was one of the earliest acid casualties. The electronic noises were probably necessary. This time, he made the mile trek on foot.

the pink floyd and syd barrett story

I like F amily, they do some nice things. Syd Barrett: on 'Chapter 24' Chapter

The syd barrett story

I was with him in the room when he was writing it. There'll be all kinds of things. That stare, you know? The acid brought out the creativity, but more importantly, it brought out the madness. He used to come round to my house at five in the morning covered in mud from Holland Park when he'd freaked out and the police chased him. Actually, listening to the tape afterwards you could work out that there was some kind of logic there - except that Syd would suddenly be answering a question you'd aske d him ten minutes ago while you were off on a different topic completely! Maybe it's our fault because we are trying too hard. We spent three months recording it, which was quite a long time in those days.
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The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story