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Clear and concise outline of the materials to be analyzed literary texts, other cultural products or translated. This happened uninterruptedly and only after all three members had finished I was allowed to respond to their concerns and questions.

Please note: no extensions will be granted without penalties. This rule does not apply when the stays, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country. Deadlines: Thesis proposal: Second Friday of the semester in which you write the thesis.

Research: The most successful theses build on coursework and are planned well ahead.

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Discussion of results. The rest of the thesis defence process is purely administrative. The identification of a potential topic should begin as early as possible in order to give your ideas time to develop. I think the latter helped although I do not recall answering questions exactly as I had prepared them.

How to write a thesis in spanish

I followed the trajectory of getting the title doctor europeo now doctor internacional under Spanish law. Report with the impact factor of the publications presented. Please note: your thesis advisor may not necessarily be your major academic advisor. Of these publications, at least three articles or chapters shall have been published or accepted for publication after the beginning of the candidate's doctoral studies in a medium included in the Science Citation Index or equivalent, according to the CNEAI. The proposal should be developed in consultation with your thesis advisor and should be approximately 5 double-spaced pages, including bibliography. Drinking some nice Agua de Valencia with the professors on a terrace in the old town certainly helped to realise that after a research trajectory of more than five years, things had come to an end. I had to wait outside for at least half an hour until the tribunal members had come to a joint decision and more time consuming had signed all necessary documents. A complete copy of the research papers in which the name and affiliation of the author and all co-authors, if any, in addition to the full reference of the journal or publishing house where the papers have been published or accepted for publication, in which case proof of acceptance by the journal or publisher is to be provided. By that time, I had about six pages of notes written down — some clearer than others. Research: The most successful theses build on coursework and are planned well ahead. Process: Identifying a Topic: From SPAN through the level courses, and in off-campus study, you will be introduced to a variety of topics and disciplinary perspectives relevant to the study of cultural production in the Spanish-speaking world—fundamentally literature, film, art, and other forms of representation, as well as language. PhD dissertations submitted following this procedure shall contain at least the following points: Introduction, justifying the thematic unity of the thesis and supporting literature. Accordingly, a specific agreement has to signed for each PhD student between the University of Oviedo and the foreign University.

It took me a while to relax afterwards.

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