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I figured I had waited long enough. I later learned that Rich McKay, general manager of the Bucs during my tenure as head coach, had asked the facility manager to clean and paint the office that week, noting that my replacement was "about to move into an office that two boys have been living in every day for the last six years.

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And amid season-long rumors that a new head coach was being courted, their speculations had finally become reality. My family had come to Tampa for a reason.

Clyde Christensen. A cool mist blew in under the awning, dampening my forty-six-year-old face. I stared at the lockers, the enormity of the moment suddenly overwhelming as I remembered names of guys long gone from my staff.

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God had led us here, opened doors that we didn't expect would be open, and allowed us to connect deeply with this community. Often in life, children can bring happiness incredible, but also sad moments as well. And it was obvious to me that God had something else for us, or He wouldn't have closed off what we were doing with the Bucs.

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Quiet Strength Quotes by Tony Dungy