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Stealing, inhaling rugby and fleeing were their life by then, until they met Betina.

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It is a reawakening film for those who possessed addiction to drugs and brings significant views in awareness to drug addiction; at the same time, it gives viewers better understanding before pre-judging and condemning drug addicts for they also are victims of the reality of life.

Betina was the one who took care of them thinking that the children might love him back and accept what he was, gay.

Their acting was magnificent in their own way. We can prevent drug menace first by erasing all drugs user and pushers in our society.

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A few months ago though, I suddenly had a high fever after going to the church and the mall.

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Where children would just inhale Rugby so that their hunger would be suppressed. Tikboy learned about a certain shabu tiangge at the center of a crowded slum area in a far district. Because of this, Tolak Angin is healthy to drink three times a day regularly to feel its full benefits. By selling it and also using it for his own benefit. Beaten up or pushed to sell drugs is their daily routine and to think he is a Cop. Luckily for my sister who is based in Hong Kong, we were recently able to buy one box of Lola Remedios from the pharmacy. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Where drugs were their only hope in making out in this would alive and killing people would be their only answer to have what they want. Around that time as well, I learned that what I used to ignore in the convenience stores and pharmacies is now highly in demand that they always get sold out. But it had turned out that his life was more exposed to the life he had leave for. Posted by.

The brand is popular in Indonesia, where many locals rely on herbal medicine to supplement their health and alleviate or relieve their sickness. If you want to contact me personally you can reach me through my email: cadenastevenjan yahoo.

By selling it and also using it for his own benefit. The people living in their place were also drugs users and pushers.

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Because her husband Abdon is a user and a pusher, she was influenced to take drugs and to be pushed to sell her body for money. At an early age, Tikboy suffered a lot from his Uncle, Abdon.

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